((at least getting ready for work anyway. Be back tomorrow!))

the-lord-of-light said:

For reasons unknown, even to the dragon, it found itself upon the Lost Light and in a very particular office. It woke up there and chirred in confusion. Sniffing the floor, pawing at the metal surface, it tried to pick up scents to tell it where it was. Claws clicked as it walked and hopped on the floor. Eventually it started to chip and jumped onto the chair at the desk. Spotting a metal stick, it batted it of the desk and followed after it so it could smack it about and try to chew on it.

Rung had been heading back to his office after a short meeting with the medical staff, something he was often included in, when he stopped in front of the door. He heard odd sounds from inside, clicking and clawing and chirping. Oh no…┬áHe took a deep intake, steeling himself as he opened the door…

"Oh. Well, hello there." he said as he spotted the dragon in his chair. Oh thank Primus it wasn’t a Sparkeater…

jessicabiotech said:

"I was kidding with that last part." Jessica laughed.

Ahh, good.

jessicabiotech said:

"I didn't bring any dresses with me, plus I want to feel comfortable. But promise Drift won't rip my shirt off of me."

Goodness, I certainly hope not. That would be rather rude. Why would he do such a thing?

jessicabiotech said:

"It's a popular anime from the 90's."

Ah, one of those anime things. Would that not be suitable for your party then?


Starscream goes to the drive-thru omfg

jessicabiotech said:

"A shirt and necklace came in today. It's Sailor Moon."

A moon sailor? Is that anything like those whalers on the moon I’ve been hearing so much about?

jessicabiotech said:

"Thank you. I only have problem though. What should I wear at the party?"

You haven’t got anything to wear?

jessicabiotech said:

"Was it hard to make?"

Well, admittedly, it did take a few tries to get it right, but it worked eventually.

jessicabiotech said:

"It's tomorrow!"

Oh, your birthday party? Good thing I spent the day on your cake then.