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thehalfpintlilone said:

"Notch no say Papa mine. Papa gone." She whispered softly and burrowed close, trying not to cry. That was all she wanted to say on it right now.

Rung held her close, rubbing her back gently. Papa? Did she mean Rattrap? So that was what’s been bothering her… “Oh Sweetie… That wasn’t your fault.  Your Papa, he… He just had a very dangerous job. There’s nothing anyone could have done… It’s not your fault.”

primedoverlord said:

I agree the shading IS wonky and the animation looks Flash based even tho it probably isn't but with Hasbro investing in it lately it likely is. But I have two words that make myself excited: NEW FEMME

((Forgive me if I seem a bit sexist here, but… I dunno… There are very few femmes I’ve seen that are actually written well. They just seem so… flat? I don’t really want to call them Mary Sues, because most of them aren’t, really, but… There just seems to be no depth to most of them. I mean, they do try. They do. They tried to do something with Arcee in Prime to give her another layer, but it just didn’t seem to work in my opinion.

On the subject of Prime femmes, I absolutely cannot stand Airachnid. I love her design, hate what little of her personality is there.

The new three in IDW fall into the same ‘female character writing’ trap as most of the others. Windblade is rather Mary Sue-ish, Nautica is supposed to be some sort of ‘savant’ but she just comes of as one of those ‘I know everything and can do anything’ bitches with no personality beyond that. That’s all she is. Chromia is the closest of the three that actually has any depth to her, but they just kind of gloss over her most of the time so there’s not much to go on yet.

I still maintain that the only femme that was written decently was the original Blackarachnia in Beast Wars. She actually felt just as alive and real as all the other main characters in the show. There was no gender bias with her writing. She felt like she really had personality. Of course, she was ruined just like everyone else in Beast Machines. If fact, I think the only character that wasn’t absolutely butchered in that series was Cheetor, who oddly enough was the only one to show any improvement.

So yeah. Hearing about new femmes doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in me. Not that anything that I’ve seen of RiD inspires much confidence. They’re clearly focusing on a younger audience and it really just feels like they’re leaving the older fans out to dry. Of course, if you really want to make money, that’s what you do. Intelligent adult fans are less likely to buy your merchandise than the spoiled brats begging mommy and daddy for all the ever-cheapening toys.))

((Okay, I got a few things to say about the whole ‘Rung Plays Videogames’ project I was gonna do. First off, I don’t have to work overtime this week, so that shit is sooo happening. Second, and more importantly, uhhh… It might not be ‘Rung Plays’ so much as it’s going to be ‘Rung-mun Plays’. I did a few test runs to hash out the recording stuff (and to try to fix this really weird graphic glitch I was getting) and I found it really hard to stay in character and keep talking on topic. There was also the fact that I can’t get a voice that sounds ‘Rungy’ enough… So it might just have to be my lame ass that does it. Trust me, I’m funnier that way. And less quiet. I’ll still post it here if any of you would still be interested at that point.

Anyway, I gotta go hunt down a gas tank for my car now. I’ll be on later this evening/night to answer stuff.))

((Holy fuck I’m so late!))

rosaxios said:

Hope dies last my friend, we can only hope RiD isnt going to be shitty

((Well, seeing this, I’m not holding my breath on it. It looks like they’re focusing on a younger audience with this one. They ruined Ninja Turtles by doing that.))



SidesWipe RID

it’s not SidesWipe

it’s SidesSwipe.

even then, the second S isn’t capitalized

((Oh Primus, are they going with that style of shading? Toon/cell shading in 3D animation never bodes well for an animated series. It reeks of “we’re trying to hide lazy animation and modelling and we’re skimping just as much on the writing”))

the-lord-of-light said:

For reasons unknown, even to the dragon, it found itself upon the Lost Light and in a very particular office. It woke up there and chirred in confusion. Sniffing the floor, pawing at the metal surface, it tried to pick up scents to tell it where it was. Claws clicked as it walked and hopped on the floor. Eventually it started to chip and jumped onto the chair at the desk. Spotting a metal stick, it batted it of the desk and followed after it so it could smack it about and try to chew on it.





Rung had been heading back to his office after a short meeting with the medical staff, something he was often included in, when he stopped in front of the door. He heard odd sounds from inside, clicking and clawing and chirping. Oh no… He took a deep intake, steeling himself as he opened the door…

"Oh. Well, hello there." he said as he spotted the dragon in his chair. Oh thank Primus it wasn’t a Sparkeater…

At the sound of a voice, the dragon’s head lifted up to stare at Rung with large golden eyes. The pen, now gnawed on, was in it’s mouth. It looked almost adorable with it’s hindquarters planted on the chair, forepaws on the from table, and tail loosely around the chair itself. There was even a headtilt to the side to complete it.

Chirps and smiles at Rung in a greeting. Hello strange shiny!

Leans back to sit on it’s haunches. The whole of it’s long body stood upright with the forepaws held close to it’s body. It glanced at Rung, at the pen in it’s jaws, then at Rung.

Lets out a low whine as it’s ears lower. Did it eat the thing of yours? Did you need this?

Rung gave the adorable creature a small smile. N’awww, how could he stay mad at such a cute little thing? “No, it’s quite alright, really. I have more, you can have that one.”

The dragon wasn’t that small! It might not of been among the largest, certainly not as big as a mountain, but it was quite larger than any human was. And, hmph, it wasn’t little…

Good thing Rung didn’t know, and it didn’t actually hear those comments from him.

Chrrs and lifts it’s head back up. Tilts back to lean into the chair. Not realizing how far back it was, or where it’s back would reach, so it let out a surprised screech hitting the back and flapping it’s wings in surprise to try and stay upright instead of crashing backward off of the chair.

Unfortunately it realized that the chair wasn’t attached to the floor and all that flailing did was send it and the chair crashing to the floor. It also ended up looking more like a tangled, warbling, mess.

Rung rushed over when the dragon toppled over with the office chair, afraid the creature may have hurt itself. He lifted the chair up carefully, trying to gingerly untangle wings and limbs.

"Oh goodness, you really must be careful! Are you alright?"